AMP creates high yield television, film, music and other "catalog of products" consisting of producing a collection of successful "hit" programs.  These programs are expected to generate high revenues by combining the most commercially successful product produced from earlier phases of our production schedule with the development and production of other commercially viable new products in each successive phase.  Over a period of time, this "catalog" will primarily consist of the most highly profitable and successful products produced by the
This approach will offer incredible long term profit potential to equity investors and partners. AMP's main goal from a television perspective is to sign pre-sale network distribution and marketing contracts that guarantee distribution of their original television programs to Television markets worldwide.  Potential distribution partners include ABC Corporation, Time Warner Communications, and The Hearst Corporation among others.  These television programs will be based on a variety of popular, interesting, and entertaining topics.  One difference about our programs is that they will be designed to capitalize in an entertainment arena that's lacking spiritually uplifting themes.  Although AMP will produce a number of products (including recorded music, commercials, stage plays etc.) our first order of business projects is television and film  which this business plan looks at from a
long range perspective. 


AMP will produce a diverse assortment of original television, film and home video programs.  They will be developed and produced in four (4) individual phases.  Each phase will result in the completion and delivery of several commercially viable, revenue producing products for worldwide distribution.  The diversity and quantity of programs produced in each phase will dramatically reduce risk typically associated with dependency on the success of just one program or genre.


Who We Are and What Were About