When Anthony Thomas moved to Atlanta in 1997 from Chicago, He was like a fish out of water. Translation:  a producer out of work.  He moved here and found out there were no production jobs available for those in the Atlanta area that were not already in the film production game.  He knew that if there was production here, he could get work.  But as he soon realized after calling 75% of the production companies, most of them had shut down.  This was a sharp contrast from the flood of opportunities in his homeland of Chicago, where he was proud to be a part of the production on the hit movies, ‘Love Jones’ and ‘Soul Food’ and worked on the set of several R. Kelley videos and many more.  He eventually worked with producers such as Spike Lee, George Tillman and Bob Title; and actors such as Nia Long, Vivica Fox, Isaiah Washington and the Wayan’s brothers, to name a few and the list goes on and on.

Although God is number one in his heart, his family is number one in my life.  Having one failed marriage under his belt, he knew he had to trust God to choose the perfect wife for him.  In 2007, God bought him his wife, Celeste, his rib.  In 2008 they married and are truly living happily ever after with God at the center of their lives with four beautiful children and three awesome grandchildren.  As he stated above, “Celeste believed in his skills, gifts and talents as she encouraged him to begin building AMP.

Absolute Media Productions (AMP) was created out of years of experience, pain and frustration of not seeing quality, wholesome films being produced.  He had been working for others his whole life, making their dreams come to life, so he realized that he could make it happen by creating his own production company.  He has a wife who believes in him and told him point blank, “quit trying to work for other people and just do it for yourself.”  With the help of God, his faith and others who believed in him, Absolute Media Productions, LLC was birthed and came to life in 2011.

As He continues to grow AMP, he thanks God for the blessings He has given him thusfar.  The gifts and talents that Tony, AMP and those that surround him have been strictly through the grace of God.  And although movies have changed on the big screen, Absolute Media Productions sole purpose is to bring back the exciting but wholesome stories from the 1940’s and 50’s, and then some.  Tony wants AMP's films to inspire and change people’s lives, not just entertain them, but be a blessing to them.